If you have issues uploading your feed, or using it to create ads, it is likely you will find the solution in this list:

Here are some frequently asked questions that we have grouped together and answered for you.

I can't upload the file

  • Check that your Feed is formatted in one of the following: CSV, TSV, XML or JSON
  • Check that the Feed is coded in UTF-8 without BOM.

The URL doesn't load

  • Check that the file type is the same as the URL 
  • Check whether the URL has access keys and, if so, that you entered them correctly.

Not all my products are found in Review

  • Check there are not 2 or more identical products
  • If you are using an XML Feed, make sure you have selected the correct tag to identify your Products/Items in the Feed.

I get an error in 'Reload Feed Task':

  • Check that the URL is preloaded, (cached) and that it is not more than 5MB so that it is able to open quick enough. There is a limit of 500,000 lines in any Feed.

I get an error 'Over 500 items'

  • On Spaceboost's Free plan, you can only include 500 items in a Data Feed. If you need to include more items, you can still do so for free, but you will activate your 30-day Free Trial period in which to start working your way towards the benefits of ad automation.

Data Feed Requirements (CSV)

These are requirements to follow in order to ensure you can correctly upload your feed, and that Spaceboost's robots are able to correctly read the data in your feed and convert it into ads.

  • As a minimum, each Data Feed has to contain tags for item ID, item name, and a URL for each item.
  • We recommend delimiting the text with commas.
  • The encoding must be UTF-8 without BOM, so that our tool can read the feed correctly.
  • Tag headers in the feed can not contain spaces, or underscores “_” at the beginning or the end of the text, or accents or special characters (only letters and numbers). A feed can not contain two identical tag headers.
  • The limit in the ID field is 255 characters.
  • Text and URL fields must be quoted in double quotation marks (“).
  • Price fields must be accompanied by a currency.
  • The feed can not contain special characters (|, ¬, @ ...).
  • The decimal numbers must be separated by POINT and not by COMMA.
  • Ad Titles need to be 30 characters or less, Copy or Descriptions need to be 90 characters or less.

For more XML Data Feeds requirements, check our full guide to XML formatting requirements.

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