This is a new feature on Spaceboost! Now you can use a Google ID to precisely geo target your campaigns, at scale. When you are creating your Search structure, you will now see an option to Select locations by tags - which includes the possiblility of selecting: Google Location.

What is a Google Location? 

This is based on a Google ID. A Google ID is the geo-tagging code with which you can automate the location targeting process.

You can find Google ID codes for specific locations here: 

Simply download the CSV, search for the location name you want to target, copy and paste the ID code, and include it as a new tag in your Data Feed. We recommend using the Latest.csv codes. 

For help making your Data Feed with Google Locations, check this guide.

What you can do with this new feature?

If you include a Google Location ID for each of your products in your Data Feed, when creating a new ad structure on Spaceboost you can automate the process of geo-targeting each of your campaigns in the exact right place. Simply click on 'Select by tags', choose 'Google Location', and - if your Data Feed is correctly set up - you will be ready to go. You can include locations and exclude locations you do or don't want to target.

If you choose Province or City you have to include the ISO code for that location.

How does Google ID geo-targeting give you better results? 

If you are creating hundreds of campaigns at once via a Data Feed, this allows each campaign to target one specific place. You can also divide a region into more specific locations in order to assign custom objectives to each of them.

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