Once you’ve got your account(s) linked, you'll be able to see your existing campaigns on your Spaceboost dashboard. You also can create new campaigns from inside our platform, and start setting up automations.

For help connecting an account, check this video:

Two important tips about connecting your account:

  • Check that the account you are trying to connect to Spaceboost has never been connected to Spaceboost before. If you try to do this, you will get an error message. Contact us via chat or sending an email to: info@spaceboost.com and we’ll try to help.
  • When you enter an email to start your session, the email account you choose in needs to be the same as the admin of the Google or Bing account you want to connect to Spaceboost. If not, the account you want to link will not appear as an option! 

Once you've done that, it's time to Upload a Data Feed.

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